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Sexual Harassment

Are you alleging that sexual harassment takes place at your job?

Are you an employer attempting to defend yourself against employee accusations of unwanted advances at work?

In San Antonio, the skilled employment law attorneys who aggressively advocate for harassed workers and employers facing sexual harassment complaints, belong to The Morales Firm, P.C.

In our lawyers’ many years of successful practice, we have achieved positive results for a broad range of employee and employer clients, in and outside of court.

The Morales Firm, P.C., is well-known throughout the state for its extensive legal knowledge, thorough case preparation, proven negotiation and litigation skills, and attentive personal service throughout the legal process.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers In San Antonio With More Than 70 Years Of Combined Experience

Examples of sexual harassment by an employer, supervisor or co-worker in the workplace include:

  • Negative or threatening gender-based comments or jokes
  • Unsolicited comments about an employee’s clothing or body and sexually suggestive remarks
  • Inappropriate touching such as hugging, kissing, patting or deliberate physical contact
  • Visuals in the work environment such as posters, magazines, pictures or screen savers that are sexual in nature, derogatory or hostile toward a particular gender
  • Circulation of sexually suggestive, derogatory email messages
  • Threatening firing or demotion, denial of a promotion or taking another action against a worker if he or she does not submit to a sexual demand
  • Failure of an employer to respond appropriately with investigation and prevention, after reports of behavior described above

Legitimate as well as false reports of sexual harassment on the job can have serious consequences for both the worker and business owner. If you are an employee who has been retaliated against for bringing claims of abuse based on your gender, or an employer needing vigorous defense of your rights in the wake of an employee complaint, The Morales Firm, P.C., can help.

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