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Attorneys With An Efficient & Effective Approach To Family Law

Going through a divorce or another family law issue is challenging, even under ideal circumstances. And unfortunately, circumstances are rarely ideal. You are asked to make important and practical decisions during a time when you are dealing with strong emotions and the feeling of disruption to your daily life. You may be worried about your children or a spouse who refuses to negotiate in good faith.

Because family law issues can be so volatile, you need an attorney with the skills and tools to adapt quickly and work for your best interests regardless of the venue. That’s what you’ll find when you contact The Morales Firm, P.C..

Getting Results In And Out Of The Courtroom

Negotiation is usually the cheapest, fastest and most peaceful way to resolve a family law dispute. As such, we prepare your case thoroughly and will generally attempt negotiation first. If this approach is unsuccessful or your spouse refuses to negotiate, we are ready and willing to take your case to trial to ensure that your interests and the interests of your children are protected and respected.

We offer comprehensive family law representation, including:

  • Division of assets and debts
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (alimony)

In short, we are compassionate with our clients and willing to negotiate, but we will not hesitate to provide aggressive advocacy when it is needed. Our goal is to help resolve all divorce and child-related issues, and allow you to move forward to a brighter future.

Skillfully Representing Business Owners And High-Asset Professionals

While any divorce can come with complications, a divorce involving a closely held business and/or significant assets is almost certain to present complexities. Thankfully, working with the right lawyer can make a big difference in the process and the outcome of your case.

Our business-savvy attorneys are ready to help you divide assets fairly and efficiently while protecting the integrity of the enterprise you have worked so hard to build. How your business assets (or the equivalent thereof) are divided will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Whether the business is jointly owned and operated by both spouses
  • What stake each spouse has in the business and in daily operations
  • Whether one spouse is amenable to a buyout or will accept other marital assets in compensation
  • Whether there are additional owners and shareholders outside of the marriage

Even in cases where business ownership isn’t a factor, dividing significant assets can be tricky. That’s why our team works closely with you to account for and fairly value all assets and prioritize those which are most important to you. Our goal is to enter negotiations with a complete financial picture and work out a settlement that is fair to both sides.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Legal Needs

The Morales Firm, P.C. is based in San Antonio and serves clients throughout the area. To arrange your initial consultation with one of our family law attorneys, call us at 210-761-5356. You can also send us an email.