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Facing Americans With Disabilities Act Issues?

At The Morales Firm, P.C., in San Antonio, our experienced attorneys represent employees who feel they have been discriminated against in the workplace, based on their disability; and advise in how to prevent or advocate for employers defending themselves against allegations of these kind of discrimination.

Disability discrimination can be felt in hiring, promotions, demotions, transfers, assignments and wrongful termination from a job. It can also take the form of an employer’s inability or unwillingness to accord a disabled worker the “reasonable accommodation” necessary to carry out his or her duties.

Experienced ADA Lawyers

When you retain The Morales Firm, P.C., to take your employment law case, you can benefit from our legal team’s more than 70 years of combined experience with negotiating and litigating lasting solutions for workplace disputes.

We provide in-depth investigations of a complaint and aggressive advocacy, from start to finish. We have the legal knowledge and strategic versatility that allow us to see either side of a compelling employment law question. We are equally proud of the attentive personal service extended to every client. Whether you are an employee or employer in need of our legal guidance, you receive prompt, accurate answers to your questions and regular updates on your case’s status.

Types Of ADA Claims

Examples of disability discrimination claims prosecuted for plaintiffs by our law firm and defended for employers, include:

  • After a doctor’s diagnosis, the employer refuses to provide assistance to a disabled worker — and instead, reassigns, demotes or fires the employee.
  • Because of record of a past disability, a person is denied employment — or as an employee, is denied a promotion, reassigned or fired.
  • During a job interview, the potential employer asks questions about physical or mental disabilities, prescription drug use and workers’ compensation history.
  • A job offer is tendered, provided that the new employee submits to a medical test other than a drug test and then the potential employer reneges due to the existence of some mental or physical disability, despite the fact that the new hire would be capable of performing the duties of the job he or she applied for.
  • An employer compels a disabled employee to pay for a reasonable accommodation for a disability.

Is your legitimate disability holding you back, because of an unsympathetic employer? Have you been retaliated against for complaining about your employer’s attitude?

Is an employee disrupting your business’s smooth operation with unfounded allegations of disability discrimination? Have your efforts at providing reasonable accommodations been overlooked?

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